13-6x Burst Tester

Κωδικός Προϊόντος:

Burst Testers are used as a multi-directional tensile test to identify failure, called bursting strength, in the direction of least resistance for evaluating physical strength and fiber bond. Models are available to test paper, foils, and tissue. These models can also be fitted with a device to measure the deflection of the sample prior to burst.

The Burst Tester is designed to meet international standards for tests on paper, foils, paper boards, corrugated board, textiles etc.



The Burst Tester is designed for measuring the bursting strength of fabric materials subjected to an increasing hydrostatic pressure. This pressure is applied to a circular region of the specimen via an elastic diaphragm. The specimen is firmly held round the edge of this circular region by a pneumatic clamping device. When the pressure is applied, the specimen deforms together with the diaphragm. The bursting strength corresponds to the maximum pressure supported by the specimen before failure. Identical, in the principle to the multi-directional tensile test, Ball Burst Method for Fabrics, this measurement is independent from the cutting direction of the sample (machine or cross) since the failure naturally occurs in the least resistance direction.

The rubber diaphragms with specific thickness and shore hardness must have a bulge versus pressure pattern within the tolerance of the standards related to the type of material tested.


  • The clamping pressure is measured with a pressure transducer and displayed in bar/PSI
  • Software to transfer data to Excel: GraphMaster
  • Pneumatic sample clamping
  • Date of last calibration stored in memory (clamp pressure, bursting pressure, and height gauge)
  • Menus allow programming to meet pre- defined test methods and international standards
  • Number of test performed with diaphragm stored in memory

Instrument Size




565 mm (22.25 in.)




495 mm (19.5 in.)




517 mm (20.35 in)




65 kg (143.3 lb)


  • Electrical: Specify voltage requirements when ordering
  • Air: (instrument quality) 600 kPa (6 bars)

Optional Accessories

  • Printer
  • Deflection measurement
  • Layers cohesiveness test device
  • Height gauge
  • Circular cutters and dies