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Qcontrol offers you the possibility to measure your pieces with maximum precision, in collaboration with reliable and trustworthy laboratories which possess calibrated Coordinate Measuring Machines by HEXAGONS.

Depending on the dimensions of the piece we offer solutions of different technologies:

  • Small and medium sized pieces.
    Technology: Fixed Bridge Type Coordinate Measuring Machine with measuring range:
    700 x 1000 x 500mm
    Accuracy: ± 0, 002mm
  • Large sized pieces.
    Technology: Portable Arm type Coordinate Measuring Machine:
    Measuring range, Ergosphere: 2500mm
    Accuracy: ±0,069mm

In the case where the geometry of the piece allows it (free form), the dimensional control can be done with the use of Laser Scanner. In this case the point of clouds is collected and then, after the STL file is created, the data in the original CAD file are compared to the data collected by the Laser scanning process.
The measurements’ report which you will get at the end of the work will be characterized by completeness, but mainly by reliability.
Finally, for the holders of Coordinate Measuring Machines by HEXAGON company we offer the possibility of creating measurement programs in PCDMIS software regardless of the version they have.

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